Django Girls in Melbourne!

2017-04-10 django

On Saturday I volunteered as a mentor for DjangoGirls at Common Code. It was amazing to see so many women, of various ages and backgrounds, taking on the challenge of getting up and running with Django. It's not an easy task and the Python / Django community should be doing everything it can to make it simpler.

After the initial hurdle of getting everything installed, everyone got to at least the point of running ./ runserver for the first time. That means that they have Python, Django & Git set up and working. Several people got well into the "let's put this on the actual internet" parts of the tutorial, which was great to see.

Even though no one finished the entire tutorial, everyone left with the tools needed to do it in their own time.

Hosting Python Anywhere seemed like a good experience – I'll be finding a way to use it for a side project in the future. It would be interesting to do the tutorial and use Heroku instead, there's a few best practices that get skipped with Python Anywhere.

Since I always find a way to turn these things into a project: In the lead up to the day I worried about how the Common Code internet would hold up and created djangogirls-offline. It still needs some work, but it's there on the Common Code Github account now. I'll be reviewing it and making improvements as we get more and more into the DjangoGirls community.