My name is Brenton Cleeland and I'm a developer in Melbourne, Australia. Currently working as a Lead Engineer building microservices at Coles.

Brenton Cleeland

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A smattering of content I've created over the last few years.

Most of my other talks and intro slides from the first 3 years of MelbDjango are availble on my account. I have a whole bunch of open-source personal projects on GitHub.

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Couldn't have imagined thinking this a few years ago: even with a long train commute, I'm enjoying getting up and out of bed before 6am.

A huge thank you to everyone that attended my TDD with Django workshop at #djangoconeu! What a great time and fantastic crowd 😎. I think everyone there was able to get something out of the workshop – even if it was just that test driven development is a thing that exists.

Everyone that attended was able to do the first part: re-implement the time API that I walked through kata-style for them. At some point I'd like to explore that style of workshop more.

The slides and workshop content is available for everyone over on my GitHub.