Brenton Cleeland

Consultant at ThoughtWorks in Melbourne, Australia.

Previously I was a Delivery Director at Common Code.

A little about me

I have worked with Python, Javascript and Django for 10 years, and lead Agile delivery teams working with these technologies since 2014. I have a passion for open source and creating web applications.

I love taking photos, riding my bike to work, making (and drinking) cocktails and coffee. I don't tweet much, but I do post brief updates on my own microblog called Briefly.

I have a passion for teaching people to code: I've helped run free training courses (MelbDjango School), volunteered at DjangoGirls events (in Melbourne and Washington D.C.) and taught Python/Django in corporate environments.

🇺🇸 Check out our photos from the USA:

Recent Posts


I've worked on some fun open source projects:

And I like building tiny web apps, here a few recent ones: