My name is Brenton Cleeland and I'm a web developer in Melbourne, Australia. Currently working as a Consultant at ThoughtWorks.

Brenton Cleeland

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A smattering of content I've created over the last few years.

Most of my other talks and intro slides from the first 3 years of MelbDjango are availble on my account. I have a whole bunch of open-source personal projects on GitHub.

I post updates down below
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Just checked in and the tiny cricket game I made had almost 1,500 page views in a week. Almost entirely driven by /r/WebGames traffic.

3 problems I've had with the ANNE Pro 60% keyboard layout

I recently picked up the ANNED Pro 60% bluetooth keyboard. After a week of use, I have a few complaints.

  1. fn+cmd locks the cmd key into "off" mode. This makes already awkward MacOS shortcuts like cmd+option+left to switch tabs next to impossible to do without accidentally breaking cmd. Fix: use cmd+shift+[ instead.
  2. Having fn on the right only makes using your right hand for arrow keys hard. I got really used to being able to do this on the Kogan ten keyless keyboard.
  3. Hitting ~ (something I use a lot) is a really awkward combination of fn+shift+esc. Not really sure how this can be improved - perhaps I'll try mapping ~ to caps lock.

Otherwise, ignoring some bluetooth hiccups, I'm loving using this keyboard.

Submitted talk and workshop proposals for DjangoCon EU in late May. Kind of strange to think that my first major conference talk could be in another country! Thanks for the encouragement @m_holtermann :p.