Brenton Cleeland

- If you've ever used reveal.js or reveal-md to do a presentation, check out marp as an alternative. Default themes are a bit more "powerpoint-ey" and it includes PDF / PPTX export out of the box. [~35 words]
- Cloud Service Provider Security Mistakes [github repo] popped up on Github Trending / was on the Risky Biz podcast this week. Solid reminder that cloud providers can be fallible sometimes. [~30 words]
- In a sample of 200 domains that have been popular on Hacker News in the last few years only 3% have a Content-Security-Policy with default-src: none;. I really thought that this had become a security sensible default but obviously that's not the case. [~43 words]
- Black Friday / Cyber Monday is the perfect time to go on an email unsubscribing spree. [~16 words]
- Wordle is a little once a day word game that I'm finding fun. [~13 words]
- Unique domains from a HAR file [~58 words]
- npm security is a bit of a dumpster fire. Github blog post. [~96 words]
- Very informed comments in this thread about FOSS licensing and the relationship the software has to the software's output. [~81 words]
- Cool URIs don't change but dead links are my jam. [~52 words]