Brenton Cleeland

Jog to Tallangatta

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On the weekend I ran a marathon. It was the third time I've managed to cover the full marathon distance (twice solo, once as part of the Wangaratta Marathon earlier this year).

Running a completely solo marathon is an tough adventure.

I felt amazing in the first half, listening to some music, smashing along the highway @ 4:30/km. Then, after refilling my water bottles at Ebden Reserve I just couldn't get back into the swing of things, with my pace dropping significantly for the second half. It quickly got warmer, hillier, lonelier and tougher.

It's always going to be tough and I want to make sure I celebrate the accomplishment! I'm really looking forward to a kicking off another training block for the next one. My next attempt at a marathon will be my first one where I set myself a time-based goal in advance (and it will be a significant PB...).

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